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“What are the advantages of Hydroponics Growing?”

There are lots. Firstly closer planting is possible because roots do not have to compete with weeds or other plants for nutrient, not wasting energy on root growth more energy goes into foliage, flower and fruit formation, producing earlier cropping and extra yield, in some crops this can be as high as 30% to 50% more. Stronger plants are more disease resistant resulting in healthier food crops with less losses or the need for harmful pesticides and herbicides.

“What if I don’t have room?”

All that is needed is a small space and available light. If light is not available maybe and artificial light is the answer.

“It all seems a bit complicated.”

Hydroponics is extremely simple providing a few rules are followed you can’t go wrong. Each kit comes in a complete form with instructions. Further assistance is only a quick call away.

“Can plants be transplanted into Hydroponics? “

Most plants can be transplanted from soil or potting mixes into Hydroponics, providing care is taken when washing soil off roots. It will usually take a plant a couple of days to adjust then vigorous growth will usually follow.

“What is the best way to grow in Hydroponics?”

At GOLD COAST HYDROPONICS we have a wide range of systems to choose from, or you may wish to design and construct your own. We have all the necessary items to do so. Maybe a book on the subject will open up a whole new world of gardening.