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Bubble Bag Extraction Kit 20L


Bubble Bag Extraction Kit 20L


Bubble Bag Extraction Kit 20L

The popular favourite amongst experienced water extractors. The 4 bag water set uses high quality monoprint polyethylene screens that won’t block up like the inferior copies. The Micron sizes have been carefully selected for high yielding results.

Kit Includes:

  • 220 µm – Work bag
  • 160 µm – Contaminant removal bag (food grade/low quality)
  • 73 µm – Crystal collection bag (prime quality)
  • 25 µm – Crystal collection bag (food grade/low quality)
  • 1 x Picture Instruction Guide
  • Platinum Silicone Mat
  • 5 g Platinum Puck

The four (4) bag set contains a variety of different sized screens to separate your herbal extract according to the size of the crystals or glandular heads of the plant. The four (4) bag set contains a work bag, one contaminant removal bag, and two crystal collection bags. With very high-quality plant material, you will find Full Melt Bubble in the 73 µm bag. The four (4) bag set is a good option for people who simply want a reasonably priced and durable set. The addition of the 160 µm bag is for the recovery of food grade glandular heads which would collect in the 73 µm bag with prime quality glandular heads.

Additional information

Weight 4.0 kg
Dimensions 27 × 40 × 20 cm


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