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Byron Bay Gold Fruit 5L A + B Set




BBG FRUIT is specifically formulated to enhance crop size, quality and aroma. By tricking the plant into a second stage of flowering and targeting it’s naturally occurring phytohormones, we have designed the ultimate finishing touch. Introducing BBG FRUIT at the 9 week mark provides your plants with a perfectly timed dose of PK that directs the plants energy and transfers it’s sugars from the leaves and stems into your fruit. Whilst strategically raising the Magnesium and Iron to combat any common deficiencies, replaces the need for any extra additives. For a flavorful, robust crop ‘Grow for GOLD’.


For use during weeks 9-12.

Direction: Add 4ml/L to your water.

Increase dose by 1ml/L for climates below 25ºC.

Additional information

Weight 11.00 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm


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