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Canna Bio Flores 1L




Bio Flores is a yield increasing agent for all cultivation systems and can be applied in combination with
all CANNA’s nutritional lines and additives. Bio Flores is not a nutrient but a natural fermented plant
extract with bloom stimulating characteristics that are also responsible for a fuller flavour.
Bio Flores was developed by CANNA Research from plant extracts from tropical rainforests and is a
true boost for plants. The bio active substances result in an extra metabolism that is exactly what the
plant needs during the blooming period. The plants produce more fructose, become healthier and
stronger and are less vulnerable to diseases and plagues. The result is a higher yield with a strong,
exuberant and vital fructification. The number of bio active substances in Bio Flores is enormous and very beneficial.

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Weight 1.400 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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