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Carbon Filter GT Can-Lite 425 Poly 100/125mm Ducting


  • Lightest weights
  • Maximized air flow
  • Superior odor removal qualities
  • Rated to last over 2.5 years


GT (Grow Tent) Range

The Perfect solution from the Can-Lite family of filters. The GT Series offers a lighter and more compact design with the same trusted filtration. The GT Filters slim-line design minimize space wastage at the top of the tent, allowing greater potential for overall plant height. The Poly range has the added convenience of the option of twist on/off flanges to change between 100mm and 125mm diameter fan and ducting. All GT filters contain the highest grade of activated peat based carbon.


CAN GT  150 POLY  (100MM X 250MM X 41 LPS / 150 M3/H)

CAN GT  300 POLY  (125MM X 453MM X 56 LPS / 200 M3/H)

CAN GT  425 POLY  (125MM X 600MM X 118 LPS / 425 M3/H)

CAN GT  425 STEEL  (150MM X 425MM X 118 LPS / 425 M3/H)

CAN GT  600 STEEL  (150MM X 540MM X 167 LPS / 600 M3/H)

Additional information

Weight 3.0 kg
Dimensions 60 × 17 × 17 cm


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