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COCO Perlite Max Air Blend Bio Diesel Media Bag 50L (pick up only)



Bio Diesel Max Air Coco Perlite Blend

This is a unique premium aged Indian fibre that has been washed and buffered with Ca and Mg and Trichoderma to the highest quality. This specialised blend of coarse fines and crushed perlite provides an extremely high CEC (cation exchange capacity) that will not load up with nutrient buildup as easily as other brands so less flushing is required and growing is generally easier with maximum air holding capacity.

  • 70/30 Coco Perlite Blend + Trichoderma
  • Suitable for all hydroponic nutrients
  • Use alone or blend into your favourite potting medium
  • Hydrate with plain or fertilised water
  • Can be mixed with other Medias, Vermiculite etc


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