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De-Fuse 5L Conditioner




DE-FUSE De-fuse is one of the newest and most effective water and nutrient conditioners to become
available to the horticultural market. This unique conditioner is suitable for all soil and soil-
less substrates, including coco, rockwool, clay, soil and pro-mixes. De-fuse in non-systemic
making it ideal to use on your favourite fruits and vegetables while leaving no harmful
residues and compatible with most macro and micro nutritive solutions fe, cu,ca, mg, n,p,k

De-fuse is almost 100% effective against fusarium

Can be applied to the root zone or foliar application.

Use at the rate of 2ml – 5ml per litre.

Additional information

Weight 5.4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 10 cm


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