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Digital Light Kit Lumii 600w Dimmable Hammer Tone Reflector + Ballast + Lamp


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VU Hammer-Tone Reflector (Silver)

      • Quality hammer-tone deluxe finish
      • Multi-fold reflector for even, direct light distribution
      • Extremely light weight construction
      • Easy mounting
      • Comes fully assembled, including quality lamp holder


Our LUMii BLACK 600w Light kit are supplied with a ballast, Hammered chrome reflector and Lumii Lamp. The ballast features dim and boost functions, giving you the ability to control the light output from your lamp to your plants. There are two dimmable options (250w & 400w) and a ‘super-lumens’ boost option (600w+Boost) which is on average a 10% increase in output.


Wattage 600w
Core N/A
Technology Electronic
Ignition N/A
Case Metal
Power Lead 2m
Voltage 240v
PF 0.98
Running Amps 2.9 amps


Additional information

Weight 4.0 kg
Dimensions 45 × 40 × 20 cm


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