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Filtaroo 150mm Carbon Filter Growlush


Filtaroo 150mm Carbon Filter

  • Easy to install pre-filters
  • Less dust
  • Cylinder filled with virgin carbon
  • Light weight aluminium green collar
  • Metal Mesh for maximum air flow
  • Premium carbon for pure air flow


Filtaroo 150mm Carbon Filter

The Filtaroo 150mm Carbon Filter This filter has everything you would expect from a premium carbon filter.  Manufactured using only finest Australian mined carbon, it offers minimal pressure drop through the fan whilst maintaining high performance in air scrubbing. The Filtaroo™ Filter also comes supplied with a free extra pre-filter, further improving durability.

Filtaroo™ Filter gets the best Australian charcoal (carbon) virgin in the world and extracts from old deposits of millions of years. Its triple action provides better quality. Coal is selected and screened only for Filtaroo™Filter, so the carbon filter is much better balanced with a better ability than all other filters on the market. Our Australian coal RC412 has the best absorption capacity of the market. 1 gram of carbon RC412 covers an area up to 1000m².

Additional information

Weight 8.0 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 55 cm


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