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GT Foliar Spray 500ml RTU


GT Foliar Spray 500ml RTU


GT Foliar Spray 500ml RTU

GT Foliar is a foliar spray solution designed to enhance plant growth and increase yields. It is composed of a complete and balanced mineral profile including chelated trace elements, 20 different types of amino acids, three types of kelp, fulvic acid, silicon, and a wetting agent. The product is formulated to maximise the plant’s growth potential by capitalising on the numerous undisputed benefits associated with foliar feeding.

Foliar feeding has been proven to be effective in correcting stress-related deficiencies, increasing nutrition during critical periods of growth, and improving the quality of the harvest. By incorporating GT Foliar Spray RTU into a feeding program, growers can expect faster growth, increased fruit set and yield, maximum plant health, increased pest and disease resistance, and improved quality of harvest.

Plants are capable of absorbing nutrients through their leaves, as demonstrated by Dr. H.B. Tukey in the 1950s. GT Foliar is ideal for correcting deficiencies that compromise the ability of roots to do their job, giving the plant an extra boost to achieve optimal growth. The product can be used all the way through from the cutting stage to the bloom stage to ensure all critical periods of growth are targeted.

GT Foliar Spray 500ml RTU comes in a ready-to-use trigger pack and should be applied in low light conditions as a fine mist to both the tops and undersides of leaves. It should be sprayed 2 to 3 times a week for optimum growth, quality, and health. During active and vigorous periods of growth when nutrient demand is high and the leaves are particularly efficient at absorbing nutrients, it can be sprayed daily to push the plant to the limit. However, growers should avoid spraying blooms and buds as this can lead to bud rot and drenching the plant as this can compromise the plant’s ability to absorb the solution.

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