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ISN Starter Pack 10 x 1L Bottles


ISN Starter Pack 10 x 1L Bottles


ISN Starter Pack 10 x 1L Bottles

Starter Pack Contains

ISN Supreme Grow 1L A + B     x 1

ISN Supreme Bloom 1L A + B   x 2

ISN Solid’as Potash 1L                x 1

ISN Amino Gold 1L                        x 1

ISN Microbe Boost 1L                  x 1

ISN Seaweed 1L                              x 1

High Quality, Australian Made Nutrients

International Superior Nutrients specialises in high quality hydroponic nutrients.

Our nutrient range is manufactured in South Australia with British pharmaceutical grade ingredients

We have a comprehensive range of plant nutrients for all stages of plant growth.

We recommend using our full range of nutrients together in conjunction with our professional feed guide to ensure you achieve a Bigger, Better, Faster result.

Additional information

Weight 9.6 kg
Dimensions 17 × 47 × 26 cm


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