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GreenPlanet Karbo Boost 1kg


GreenPlanet Karbo Boost


GreenPlanet Karbo Boost

GreenPlanet Karbo Boost is a powdered supplement that delivers an added source of carbohydrates for microbial life during the flowering stage. This encourages the rapid expansion of beneficial microbe colonies in the grow medium. Carbohydrates supply microbes with a vital source of food they need to thrive in the root zone of your plants. Our formula uses naturally occurring carbohydrates to ensure your plants are getting a clean source of energy to support heavy fruiting. An added source of carbohydrates is important during the flowering stage to ensure microbes can help your plants uptake the nutrients they need to produce a healthy and aromatic crop. These microorganisms can help break down larger elements into simple chemical components that are easier for your plant to uptake and absorb. Healthy microbial life in the rhizosphere not only helps mobilize nutrients, but it also benefits water and oxygen absorption in the root zone for faster and stronger growth. The end result is a significant increase in flower weight, taste, and overall yield.
Use: Dissolve 30 g of Karbo Boost into 100 litres of water. Use every watering throughout the flowering cycle.

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 13 × 13 cm


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