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Liquid Soil 500ml Ecocrop


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Liquid Soil is a single part nutrient scientifically designed for hydroponic gardening with a dilution rate of at least 1 to 500 to be easy to use as it only requires mixing with tap water or any other available water.
Liquid Soil provides all the required nutrients in the highly soluble state due to their binding to the organic molecules. Self-adjusting pH is another highly desirable feature of this product saving time and effort for the grower. Auto – balancing nutrient delivery mechanism ensures a longer service life.
With lower concentration of chemicals Liquid Soil guarantees superior results due to high content of carefully selected organic matter. It ensures higher quality produce with improved flavor and increased nutritional values of produce grown in this medium that is equal or better than open field grown crops and is reminiscent of the tastes and quality we remember of home-grown produce in the past.

Nutrients for hydroponics

Liquid Soil series are designed for those who want to grow tasty crops in hydroponics. It’s composition resembles that of the best soil, thus providing plants with the maximal spectrum of nutrients in the most balanced proportion. Liquid Soil is based on such organic components as plant and animal composts, humic acids and amino acids for the best uptake of the carefully selected minerals. The dilution rate of the concentrate is in the top of its kind and there is no need for pH adjustments. The products we offer have been proven in multiple trials and in different growth systems and conditions.

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Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 30 cm


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