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Lucius Flex R 400w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


Lucius Flex R 400w

  • High Efficacy up to 3.5 mol/J
  • IP65 Rated Foldable Design
  • Low Ceiling Installation Full Cycle Spectrum Osram Diodes Controller Compatibility



Lucius Flex R 400w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The LUCIUS FLEX R provides growers with the latest OSRAM LED technology in a robust design.

The R series technology adopts enhanced red diodes to achieve a PPF efficacy up to 3.50umol/J (400W & 680W) and 3.65umol/J (1000W).

Each bar is built to last with an innovative IP65 rated silicon that protects the LEDs without compromising light output. Delivering optimal growth, crop after crop.

The Lucius FLEX R comes pre-assembled tested and Certified by Western Electrical Australia, meeting National and International standards.

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Box Contents:

  • LED Fixture
  • Driver Mount (x2) 3.5mm Signal Cable 2m S-Hanger (x2)
  • LED Driver
  • Input Power Cable 2m Rope Rachet (x2)
  • M5 Eyebolt (x2)
  • Output Cable
  • Output Extension Cable 2m Lance Hanger (x2)
  • FLEX R Manual



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