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Lumatek ATS 300w Pro LED


Lumatek ATS 300w


Lumatek ATS 300w

The Lumatek ATS series is a range of full spectrum LED grow lights featuring top of the range LEDs and dimmable Lumatek drivers. This light-weight fixture is an ideal as sole-source or supplemental grow lighting for the propagation, vegetative and flowering growth periods of indoor-grown crops.

The array of LEDs create a uniform spread of light at short distance from the crop enabling good penetration of canopy without hotspots and excessive heat. The innovative heat sink and use of passive natural convection has eliminated the need for a fan, reducing noise output and significantly increasing the life span of the fixture as it has no moving parts.

The Lumatek ATS 300w is a highly efficient grow light fixture producing 816 µmol/s PPF at 2.7 µmol/J efficacy and ideal for a 1 x 1 metre grow area.

Full Spectrum
Lumatek LED grow light solutions use a blend of white, deep red & far red LEDs to produce a highly efficient light source calibrated to provide high intensity, stable and uniform output for optimal light absorption.

Previous generations of LED grow lights used a mixture of royal blue and deep red LEDs to target chlorophyll absorption peaks. Whilst these solutions worked adequately they missed out important spectra for quality plant growth, lacked penetration through dense canopies and provided poor visibility for inspecting and maintaining grow rooms.

Passive cooling
Lumatek’s innovative design and advancement in LED technology has produced a high powered LED grow light with passive convection cooling. This fanless design means no moving parts so Lumatek LED fixtures are extremely robust with a long life span and operate silently.

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Additional information

Weight 8.0 kg
Dimensions 50 × 65 × 20 cm


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