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PSI Mono Silicic Acid 250ml


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The Ultimate Pure Mono Silicic Acid has finally arrived from Holland with a great price tag!

PSI is the Most Powerful Version Of stabilized, bio available Ortho silicic acid for crops PSI has been manufactured with a new process that makes it 30% more effective than Any other mono silicic acid products on the market and at a price that everyone can use and see the most Amazing Results .PSI like a Synergistic Organic Engine hyper increases nutrient absorption and the bio availability of all other nutrients in your “tank” by acting as an efficient transporter.PSI also helps the plant self regulate the inter-nodal spacing especially handy in times of Environmental stresses.

Increases resistance against Abotic (i.e drought, salinity, heavy metals) and Biotic Stress (fungi and pest)

Significantly reduces transpiration ( = loss of moisture form the leaves)Tank-stable, making it safe to leave inside of your reservoir without creating any unwanted residue

Doesn’t raise the PH of your water Suitable for all types of crops

Usage and Tips

0.15mls a Ltr (30mls per 200Ltr)

Special use to Slow Vertical Growth 0.3mls per Ltr

Normal Foliar 1mls per ltr

Foliar Repair Mode 2mls /Ltr

Additional information

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 20 cm


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