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Rhizo Fabric Pot 23Lt


Rhizo Pot 3.8L 15x15x19h
Rhizo Pot 8L 21x21x21h
Rhizo Pot 12L 26x26x22h
Rhizo Pot 16L 28x28x26h
Rhizo Pot 23L Handles 32x32x29h
Rhizo Pot 30L Handles 35x35x30h
Rhizo Pot 39L Handles 40x40x30h
Rhizo Pot 56L Handles 43x43x38h
Rhizo Pot 78L Handles 50x50x40h


Rhizopots – Watch your plants thrive with our bestselling RhizoPots.

They dramatically boost root mass and eliminate root circling.

Your plants will develop a bigger, healthier, more efficient root network.

They’re reusable, they reduce growing time and prevent your plant from being pot bound.

Other pots just can’t compete – RhizoPots really are the best you can buy.

• Unique air pruning technology – pot fabric is ‘breathable’
• Greater root growth – stimulates growth of secondary roots
• Drastically increases nutrient & water uptake
• Eliminates root circling
• Speeds up growing time
• Superior drainage & aeration
• Pots can be reused 4 – 5 times
• 1 Litre – 78 Litre capacity
• Fold flat (easy to store!) with useful carry handles
• Reusable, biodegradable & made from recycled materials
• Suitable for all media types

Additional information

Weight .400 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 cm


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