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Seahawk Heat Mat Large


Seahawk Heat Mat Large


Seahawk Heat Mat Large


  • Flexible Mat Design
  • Double Insulated
  • C-Tick certified
  • Heat dispersion plugs included (to raise trays above the mat if it’s too warm)
Cultiv8 Flexible Heat Mats
Heat mats are not just for gardening. They are very useful for providing consistent, controllable heating for other hobbies including reptile and arachnid keeping (heating for enclosures and terrariums), home-brewing (maintaining of fermentation temperatures) and more. With this thermostat, you can easily expand any heat mat’s functionality so that it provides the precise level of warmth your pets or projects require to flourish. The ability to dial in and maintain the preferred temperature means you can rest assured and no longer need to constantly monitor temperature, whether in colder or warmer environments.

Seahawk heat mat warms the rooting area and vastly improves seed germination and cutting root initiation success rate.

Small – 388 x 280mm – 18 watt

Medium – 550 x 580mm – 25 watt

Large – 644 x 350mm – 35 watt

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 15 cm


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