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Sol-Fusion SB1000 120w LED


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Sol-Fusion SB1000 – 120w LED
LEDs are increasingly being used in many industries because of their efficiency and directional nature. They are also common in street lights, parking garage lighting, walkways, and other outdoor lighting fixtures. LEDs are even used in refrigerated lighting cases, modular lights, and task lights. And because of the perks that come with using the best LED technology, the horticulture and agriculture industries are now utilising them as grow light systems.
  LED grow lights are among the most advanced innovations in the indoor horticulture industry. These lights have many advantages over traditional grow light systems, including lower energy consumption, lower operating temperature, longer life span, and improved physical robustness. Besides that, LED technology does not require the use of mercury or other chemicals to emit a broader array of wavelengths. 
If you are looking for the best LED technology, know that Sol Fusion is the best provider of grow light systems in Australia. Our products have ensured the best functionality and efficacy for several years and are constructed with high quality components. Our well-designed LED lighting systems will improve crop yields and increase business income.  Sol Fusion’s lighting system is the best that you can get when it comes to new LED technology. Here is a rundown of its benefits. 
SB1000 – 120W

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