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Spider Farmer® SF7000 650W Led Grow Light Dimming Daisy Chain

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Spider Farmer® SF7000 650W Led Grow Light

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Spider Farmer® SF7000 650W Led Grow Light

High Quality Led Chip: Using the high yield Samsung 301B chip, the SF7000 led grow lights can achieve an efficiency of 2.9umol/J.

  • Uniform PAR Distribution: The multi-bar design and densely distributed chips enable the LED grow light to achieve the optimal PPFD-1218umol/m²s required for plant growth over the entire effective coverage area. its uniform PAR is ideal for commercial growing.
  • Perfect Spectral Ratio: To ensure uniform plant growth, the blue and red light is enhanced with the full spectrum combination. This not only accelerates the growth of the plants, but also improves the yield and quality of the plants at the same time.
  • Dimming Daisy Chain & Removable Driver: The LED grow lights are designed with a dimming knob from 0%-100% to easily adjust the light level for plant growth. Also, the light can be connected to 60 lights together for control. The detachable driver can be moved outside the grow room to facilitate heat dissipation in the grow room.


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