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Super Metal halide 1000w Lamp Growlush


Super metal halide 1000w


Super metal Halide 1000w

The Metal Halide 1000W Lamp Growlush is latest 1000W Metal Halide (MH) BT56 Grow Light Light produces strong output of the blue spectrum, which is perfect for the vegetative growth stage. It is perfect for all-purpose growth as well as fruiting and flowering. In addition, MH bulb adds more of the red wavelength of the light spectrum, which facilitates faster plant growth and achieve high yields even in the middle of winter.

This standard American elliptical large jacket lamp is more suitable to run at a vertical position for plants. They are used with most common vertical hydroponics hoods, such as China hats Deep bowls and Parabolic reflectors etc…to give you a bigger light coverage!!

Additional information

Weight .675 kg
Dimensions 43 × 20 × 20 cm


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