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Wilma XLarge Hydro System (pick up only)


Wilma XLarge Hydro System





Wilma XLarge Hydro System


Choose Wilma and never miss a feed. Wilma uses a drip solution method into pots at the same time every day, with the run-off draining into¬† the reservoir so roots don’t rot and there’s less mineral build-up. You’ll reduce nutrient wastage, get healthier plants and best of all get bigger yields.

The Wilma XLarge Hydro System can be used with any media as long as feed times are adjusted to suit.

Includes: Reservoir 70Lt – Plumbing Feed Line Assembly – Pots – Pump – Tray – Reservoir

System Size 90 x 90 x 48cm

Media not included.

Additional information

Weight 12.0 kg
Dimensions 1.0 × 1.0 × 50 cm


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