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Bio Diesel Crystal Clear Flush 1L


Bio Diesel Crystal Clear

  • Flushes out bonded mineral salts from coco.
  • Increases natural flavor and sweetness
  • Maximizes Brix levels at the end of harvest.
  • Flushes minerals from plant reserves
  • Helps to clear nutrient pathways
  • Protects against mineral lockouts.
  • Minimizes water use when flushing.


Bio Diesel Crystal Clear Coco Flush

Bio Diesel Crystal Clear has been designed specifically for Coco Fibre to release the ionic bond between locked up minerals and coco fibre which helps to clear nutrient pathways and make nutrients mobile again when fertilizers are later applied.

Bio Diesel Crystal Clear removes the harsh taste and presence of fertilizers or unwanted chemicals from the finished produce resulting in a sweeter, cleaner experience for the end user.

Removes the taste and presence of fertilizers and unwanted chemicals from the finished produce resulting in a sweeter, cleaner experience.


FINAL FLUSH (last 7 days)

Use Bio Diesel Crystal Clear at 5ml per Litre of water. Water plants every day until end of harvest for sweeter cleaner produce.


Flush coco Fibre with 5ml per Litre of Crystal Clear

20 LITRE POTS = 5L of solution

50 LITRE POTS = 10L of solution

After a couple of days return to half strength nutrient, then full strength after 1 week.


Available in 1L and 5L sizes.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 30 cm


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